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Mission Statement

Phoenix Reentry Resources is committed to breaking the cycle of recidivism, igniting hope, and fostering transformation. Our mission is to empower justice-involved individuals with comprehensive support, connections, and opportunities for successful reintegration into society. We believe in the power of connection, resilience, and education to enable individuals to rise from the ashes of incarceration toward a brighter future.

Comprehensive Reentry Counseling

From long before release, through the process and into post-release, Phoenix is there, supporting those putting in the work to get ahead and to motivate those still on the fence.

Our Blog

Articles and essays on prison life, particularly in the BOP.

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While incarcerated, I witnessed people paying high fees for texting, call forwarding, and even search services. I personally used a for-profit company, Phone Donkey, which provided local phone numbers for inmates, reducing call costs from long-distance rates.

At Phoenix Reentry Resources, we believe in taking action against corporations profiting from adversity. So, we're turning the tables. We're launching "My Phoenix Services," a professional, state-of-the-art platform. Through this platform, you can sign up for our call forwarding service and other offerings.

What sets us apart is that 100% of the profits from "My Phoenix Services" go back to Phoenix Reentry Resources. This way, your spending contributes to programs that support our loved ones on the inside. It's about empowerment and channeling funds toward something we all deeply care about—creating opportunities for change.

With "My Phoenix Services," you not only gain access to essential services but also join us in making a difference


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Friends of Phoenix

These are the organizations we brainstorm with, support, get support from and collaborate with to influence change. We're proud to call them our friends.

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