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Meet Teresa Waldron: A Transgender Woman's Journey to a Fresh Start

Teresa Waldron, a transgender woman, emerged from a 10-year sentence in the BOP with a determination to embrace a new life. Her journey with Phoenix Reentry Resources began through our newsletter, "From The Ashes."

Teresa desired a fresh start, far from her hometown and her previous lifestyle. She reached out to us for assistance in relocating, and our team worked tirelessly for over a year to help her find temporary housing, coordinate with the US Probation Office, and ensure a stable base for her.

On September 14th, Alex and volunteer Marvette Flasher traveled to Charlotte to pick Teresa up at the bus station and escort her to the federal halfway house. Since then, she's not only thriving but also rebuilding her life. Teresa is on her way to becoming a certified Peer Support Specialist, and we're excited to collaborate on an LGBTQ+ prison outreach program.

Teresa's journey is a testament to resilience, transformation, and the power of second chances.

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Richard Hudson: A Lifelong Advocate's Return to Society

At 69 years old, Richard Hudson's release marked the end of over 19 years in the federal system. His journey back into society was not without its challenges. He had been incarcerated during a time of significant technological advancement, making reintegration a substantial adjustment.


Phoenix Reentry Resources dedicated time and effort to support Mr. Hudson's transition. We even visited him in his new environment to help him acclimate to today's technology.


Despite the hurdles, Richard's commitment to legal work persisted. He continues his advocacy, supporting individuals within the American Punishment System, striving to provide relief to those in need.

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Stephanie Fassnacht: Triumph Over Adversity

Stephanie Fassnacht's journey to a fresh start began in 2021 when she was released to Utah, her charges' place of origin. Hailing from Florida, she found herself in a new city without any local resources. Our connection with Stephanie started through "A Day Closer," a Facebook group supporting individuals with incarcerated loved ones.

Stephanie's release conditions were challenging enough, as she was in a city where she knew no one. To make matters worse, her release date was recalculated when the First Step Act credits were implemented. Her new release date left her with only two hours to leave the halfway house, without any assistance.

In this critical moment, we sprang into action, securing a hotel for the night and connecting with advocates who could offer support within driving distance.

Stephanie's determination shone as she worked diligently post-release. She earned a promotion to supervisor at her job, secured her own apartment, reconnected with her children (a reunion she thought might not happen), and built a stable foundation for herself as she continues to chart her path in life.

Stephanie's story is an inspiring testament to resilience and the power of support in overcoming adversity.

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